Friday, December 28, 2007

BHG courtesy of ACG

I missed Christmas on the internet--but here's a Belated Holiday Greeting courtesy of FUNNY FILMS #3, Jan-Feb 1950, published by American Comics Group. Is it by Dan Gordon? I think it is.
It's not often a comic cover includes a lip-reading sequence! I like that he goes for "X-mas" not Christmas. Makes it funnier somehow, though it may have been to simplify things. (He'd have to maybe use two panels/frames to get "christ" across.)

I was interested to learn on a well-annotated Wikipedia page that "X-mas" ain't no modern-day, commercial, secular-loving, Jesus-hating abbreviation of Christmas! It's actually a common European abbreviation dating back to at least the 1500s. So you can love Jesus AND write the word Christmas more quickly! EVERYBODY WINS!

And here's the full cover:

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See you after New Year's!