Sunday, January 17, 2010

Parts of the Dog--1990 comic by your host

In 1990 I decided to be a cartoonist and I moved to New York. This was one of the first comics (well, more of a humor piece) that I did in my swank Brooklyn apartment with real live comics tools--crow quill, India ink, and bristol board. Turned out okay, if you like the doggie humor. It was never published anyplace but my sister in law liked it enough to hang a copy in her bathroom. That's the highest flattery as far as I'm concerned!

Please note, I did not draw the dog. It's from my trusty Webster's 9th New Collegiate Dictionary.

Click on the thumbnail below to see it big and readable.

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Sherm said...

"Chris Duffy: The Backstory!" Love it...hope to see more from the wide world of Duffy ^_^