Monday, February 8, 2010

I am an professional editor!

Did I mention I'm available to edit comics on a freelance basis? That's right! See the list of some of my comics credits on the left; search the internet for nice things said about my professionalism and abilities; look at this picture of me intently reading something (that I didn't actually edit). It all adds up to one thing: this guy was born to be paid for editing comics. "This guy" is me, by the way.

I know blogs aren't always the place to do this kind of thing. Not very info- or enter-taining. But still, it's all true!


Stuart Immonen said...

I missed the "an"-- I guess that's why I just draw.

I like the hair-- looks freelancey.

Duffs said...

My hair is work for hire.

Tim Hamilton said...

Get a hair cut, hippy!