Sunday, July 22, 2007

John Stanley horror comics: GOBLIN'S BALL 1 of 1

So like I said, I'll be posting scans of comics that I feel are worth sharing and that are public domain (to my knowledge).

This first one is from Dell Comics TALES FROM THE TOMB, No. 1, 1962. A one page comic that's funny and creepy and written by John Stanley--Little Lulu writer/artist/mastermind, and unique comics stylist.

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I'm taking Scott Shaw!'s word that this is written by John Stanley. Mr. Shaw! doesn't conjecture on its artist, and I sure can't guess. It's gotta be a Stanley script though. The book has many telltale Stanleyisms (breezy pacing, dialog that's never overwritten, willingness to have really big NO! word balloons, and a perverse inventiveness).

For Mr. Shaw!'s full take on this interesting bit of horror comics history, check out his article on TALES FROM THE TOMB No. 1 at his great "Oddball Comics" column. (And for that matter, read everything he's written. Mr. Shaw! knows his comics history!)

More Stanley horror to come. And in a few weeks, the Stanley comic that should be in "Best American Short Story" anthologies.


Abu La Fia said...

So it just ended like that, no "and they never found his HEAD!" panel?

I can't decide if that makes it scarier or just incomplete.

Jason said...

You totally misinterpreted!

The head was kicked through the window of the neighbor's house, that IS what they found.


Ambs said...

One would hope their Father would be more than slightly winded by that.

Dan said...

Why is George Jr.'s dad named Harry?

Colman said...

I like Dad's "WHA-A-AT...?" when he's on the phone.

Those crazy goblins!

eriK said...

why does the image just link to photobucket's home page??? where's the rest of the pages?

Chris Duffy said...

It's a one page comic. That's the beauty! Well, to me.