Tuesday, July 31, 2007

CRAZY QUILT by John Stanley

Here it is! Enjoy its creepy goodness.






I know the predictable "that was no dream" ending makes it seem childish, but that's kind of why I like it. So direct! And so stagey--not at all in the shadow of EC, which is refreshing in comics horror!

My favorite line: "She was the greatest quilter who ever lived, he said...Her work hangs n museums...around the world..." Just cuz it's kind of funny in combo with the image of the terrified Miss Birkley writhing on the couch. (Also, on the last page, the casual pose of the Quiltman is funny. So are Grandma's shoes.)

Next time: The story that I think puts Stanley in a league with Shirley Jackson and other mid-century short story writers! I will prove this to be a fact! Maybe!


Jeff said...

Sheer genius...when I was a kid, I noticed that most of the coloring books I had were illustrated by Tony Tallarico (Battlestar Galactica tie-ins, that sort of thing).

Odd that he had a hand in something like this, years earlier.

Jeff said...
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Jim Woodring said...

That story almost wrecked my mind when I encountered it as a lad. I just paid homage to it in SIMPSONS TREEHOUSE OF TERROR # 17.