Saturday, August 4, 2007

Special message for vacationers: Don't be an idiot.

I lied.

No John Stanley this time, but a timely message from one of those Golden Age comics PSAs that gives you advice so obvious, you wonder if the real message is "our readers are cavemen." (One clue: The "advice" is given to humans from a dog.) This is from a coverless humor comic from the 40s from National Periodicals. (One of the funny animal titles, don't know which one.)

You have to feel for Terry. Maybe he could accidentally "go missing" at a rest stop and find a family that remembered to load film in their camera (and packed some kibble).

I also feel a little bit sorry for "Dad." He makes all the mistakes, but I don't see anybody in his family helping. Give your brain-damaged father/spouse some help, gang!

PSA vacaton002


Sleestak said...

Terry is sort of a bitch.

Chris Duffy said...

Possibly literally. But his sex is never identified.

Chris Duffy said...

His or her sex, I mean.

Bully said...

Do things right the next time

"First order of business: we're not bringing that whining dog next time!"

Tim said...

Did a Bull really just deign to judge a dog? Eh, in the animal kingdom org chart, I guess he's got the right. So much for animals sticky together, Bully. :)

Would have loved to been in the meeting pitching that PSA..."the humans do everything wrong, but we tell it from the dog's perspective!"